Rotate object in 3d mode

in my last version I used to be able to rotate my objects in 3d mode for a 3d angle but now that I updated I cannot. when I double click on the object and try to rotate it just stays 2d and moves on a flat plane side to side and up and down. thank you in advance.

Go into LayOut’s Preferences. Go to General and tick the box for Enable SketchUp model editing. By default that is not enable so new users don’t double click into the viewports by accident. It can create all sorts of issues if you don’t handle it correctly.

Hi Dave,
Sketchup model editing is enabled and it still doesn’t allow me to pan around the object. ive restarted and still nothing.

Share the LayOut file so I can see what you’ve got.

Are you double clicking into the viewport?

yes, so I double click the object and use to be able to just rotate around the object and get the angle im looking for then click outside the box, now when I double click the object it gets selected but just moves side to side and does not allow me to pan around the object or rotate it. I thought maybe because the Otho was selected but I tried turning ortho off and still nothing just side to side

Again, share the LO file so we can see what you are working with. The orbit in the viewport does work in LO23.

how do I upload it and share, when I upload it says the lo file is to big

Upload it to DropBox or WE Transfer and share the link.

Hmmm… It’s working for me in LO23.
Are you double clicking on the model in the viewport or the space around it?

Is this your actual model? What happens if you try it with a simple cube modeled in SketchUp?

Your video isn’t working for me.

Still nothing.

dropbox video

idk I guess I can’t upload a video
im not sure what’s going on it just won’t pan

I figured out how to record screen hang on

I deleted the videos that weren’t working, and edited one to work.

I’m not sure what the normal process is for showing Dropbox videos, so I made it be a link.

Does this version work?
Rebecca_Chase_36 purged.layout (2.9 MB)

There is a ton of unused stuff in your LayOut file. Mostly .skp file references that show you’ve copied and pasted from SketchUp to LayOut. It also shows you are not using scenes in your SketchUp file. The copying and pasting results in different SketchUp files for each viewport which is a problem if you need to go back to the model to make updates. You’d have to update every SketchUp reference file to get the updates to show.

And using the Last saved SketchUp view instead of scenes makes it very likely you’ll have problems later one when you need to make updates. This can really wreak havoc with things like dimensions and labels.

You would find the whole process better if you would create scenes in SU for the various views you need and then use those scenes for the viewports in the LayOut file. And don’t copy and paste from SketchUp to LayOut. Either use Send to LayOut or in LayOut, File>Insert to add the SketchUp file. Then copy the viewport with the LO file and change the scene as needed.

A recent change in LayOut makes it default to Pan instead of Orbit. Right-click in the viewport, and change the camera tools to be Orbit.

Normally you would have set up a good view in SketchUp, and use that in LayOut. I think that rarely you would want to set up the orbit position in the viewport in LayOut, and people were accidentally doing that. Maybe that’s why it was changed to default to Pan.

I’ve reworked the first page in your LO file. Now the LO file uses a single SKP reference instead of multiples. None of the viewports are modified from the scenes in the SketchUp file.
Rebecca_Chase_36 purged.layout (2.3 MB)

There really should be no reason to edit the camera position in LayOut.