Newbie struggling with rotate tool

(i started using sketchup about 2 weeks ago and im slowly going insane)
struggling with trying to get the rotate tool to cooperate with smoothly rotating, ive followed at least 7 different tutorials and none of them have been able to explain how to properly fix this issue. feels like following a crochet stich tutorial but the person completley skips over how to do the stich theyre using lmaoo,

anyway everything in the room im designing is either extremely uneven or slightly off (btw for some unknown reason typing in the degrees on an object to turn it doesnt work for me) does anyone know how to fix the not-rotating-smoothly problem ;_;?

What you want to do is not clear.

Can you post your skp model with added Text pointing the object that you want to rotate and around which rotation point and around which axis and by how many degrees ?

You could benefit yourself by spending some time at The SketchUp Campus. This is a site that will provide the basics for learning the SketchUp modeling process. Also, spend some time at the SketchUp SketchUp YouTube site. It provides much information including how to use each tool.