Rotating 3/D Model in Layout

Is it possible to rotate a 3/D model in Layout?

If you mean orbit the model like you can in SketchUp, yes. It can be done. You need to go into Preferences>General and Enable SketchUp Model Editing.
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It’s better to set up scenes in your SketchUp file showing the model as you need to see it. Then use those scenes for your viewports. If you decide to change the camera position for a viewport, go back to SketchUp, make the adjustment and update the scene. Save the changes and update the reference in LayOut.

If you decide you’re going to just edit the camera position in LO, remember that this can create issues for you if you need to make changes to the scenes in SketchUp. Changes made in the viewport will override those made in the scene in SketchUp.

3 questions:
I made the changes in LO preferences you’ve mentioned, but do not readily see how to implement rotating the model in LO. Is there a specific tool?

If I make a sacrificial copy of the SU file I’m rotating in LO, does this resolve your concerns about changes made in LO effecting the actual SU file?

Lastly this:
When I import from SU to LO, the model remains in the style and/or orientation it was originally in during the first import into LO. Which is to say, if I go back and save changes in the SU model and then import into LO, the model retains that original style and position when it was initially imported into LO. What am I missing?

Double click on the viewport or right click on it and choose Edit 3D view.

Editing the camera position in LayOut has no impact on the SketchUp model. What it does is breaks the relationship between the scene in SketchUp and the viewport. Then changes you make to the scene in SketchUp won’t get carried over to the viewport in LayOut. One of the advantages of keeping things linked is that you can easily make changes to the SketchUp file propagate throughout the LO file quickly and easily.

By the way, do make sure you are using SketchUp scenes for viewports in LO. Don’t use Last saved SketchUp view for the viewport scenes.

It sounds like you’ve already broken the link between the SketchUp scene and the viewport(s) by making modifications to the viewport that override the scene properties in the SketchUp model. This is what I was warning you to avoid. Go to the SketchUp Model panel in LO and click the Reset button.

Note you only insert the model into the LayOut project once. If you go back to the SketchUp model to make changes, save those changes and then in LO update the model reference. You can do that by clicking on the Update button (circular arrows) in the Ttop right of the SketchUp Model panel.

Many, many thx.

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