Simple Sketchup Question (I think)


I am new to 3D modeling programs and am starting with Sketchup. I have a 3D Connexion mouse. I believe I understand the concept of the “Object” and “Camera” views in the Sketchup/3D Connection menus. What I don’t understand is how to rotate the actual object itself inside the landscape. Right now, when I am in “Object Mode”, the entire landscape rotates with the object. When I am in “Camera Mode” I am rotating the camera’s POV. As it stands, when I select the actual object on the Sketchup canvas and then select the “Move” tool or the “Rotate” tool in the Sketchup tool bar, it seems like I should then be able to rotate the object itself with the 3D Connexion mouse. But the mouse continues to just rotate the entire landscape with the object. I just want to be able to rotate and move the object itself and have the landscape remain static. Is this possible? It seems like I am missing something very simple.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Your 3D mouse only controls your camera, not things in your model. Move and rotate, for example, will allow you to move things you have created using your standard mouse.


Is it possible you’ve accidentally grouped the object with the landscape? In SketchUp, moving or rotating a group moves or rotates the entire group and all objects inside it. If you want to move/rotate a specific object in the group, you can either explode the group back out to individual objects (right-click, explode), or edit the group by double clicking on it and then moving/rotating the objects inside the group individually.