Rotate functionallity on move tool missing

I have been a hobby user of Sketchup for many years, doing mostly drawing for house renovation and building furniture.

Yesterday I opened up Sketchup Web to check some placement of a group in one of my models. The placement was wrong and I wanted to rotate the object. This is something I almost always have done with the red arrows showing up on the move tool, but now I find that these arrows for rotating no longer show up. See attached GIF, from a fresh “dummy”-model.


Is this a newly change to Sketchup Web? Bug? Am I suddenly doing anything wrong?

I feel severely crippled in my workflow without the rotate option on the move tool, and I really hope it’s not removed :crossed_fingers:

Hope someone can shed some light on this problem!



The instructor still tells me this is a feature of the move tool:

It is a new feature, many people hate the rotate option so they have given us the choice.
Look for it in App settings.


Thanks a bunch! This saved my sanity!
How anyone could hate that tool option is beyond me, but guess that’s the feature of subjectivity :smile:

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well right now they’re deciding if it should be on or off by default. and it might not seem like a lot, but you’re tipping the scales slightly in the “on” direction :wink:

It’s a good thing they’re giving us flexibility, but as it’s been this way for years, I agree, it should be on by default :slight_smile:


I can assure you mine will always be on.


OFF. I hate it. I have a perfectly good ‘Q’ key that I can happily tap if I want to rotate something instead of trying to move something and it happening unbidden.

Proper annoying.

yeah, mine too. it’s really good to have a single tool doing both move and rotation.

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The move tool rotates about the center of the object whereas the rotate tool rotates about the first click point. You can accomplish the same thing with rotate, but it takes more clicks and inferences.

My only objection to the rotate handles on the move tool is that sometimes they are so close to the move handles that it is hard to get the one you wanted. Zooming or rotating fixes that issue, but that’s extra work.

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I prefer to have the rotate option off. I find it defaults to rotate when I only want to move, especially with very small objects.
I am using Pro 2022. I don’t see this option in my general/settings. Is it available in Pro 2022?

No. It’s not. Currently the switch is only available in the web version.

I turned it on, and it worked fine for a while, but today it seems to be “stuck in the middle”
I can rotate objects on 2 of the the 6 sides, top and bottom, only. It does this for both groups and components. I tried to restart, turn the option off and on, download the model and reload, nothing works.

Thanks for the post @DanielH. That is definitely not intended behavior. Is it possible for you to share the file with us so we can take a look at it and see if we can figure out a solution? If the file is not something you can share, I totally understand and would settle for a short video or even a screenshot so we can get a better look at things.

I’ll bet the component you are trying to rotate has gluing properties set. That would prevent rotate handles from showing on certain sides of the object. Or it could be that you need to orbit the camera a bit first. As Casey requested, share the SketchUp file.

Tall cylinder is glued to the rectangle. The only rotate handles available are on the top. The short cylinder is not glued but the camera is oriented too close to the front to be able to access the rotate handles on the side. Orbiting the camera solves that.


An excellent suggestion DaveR. I suspect you are correct as usual. Hopefully daniel.heinst gets back to us with the file so we can take a look and know for sure what is going on. I am eager to see if we have a new bug or if we just need to un-glue things. Regardless of if it is a bug or not, I am eager to get their issue resolved.

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Hello Casey and Dave,

Thanks for the hint, it was indeed glued. It is not an option I used ever before, no idea how I glued it in the first place, but I found the unglue option.


Build a framing model for a large building and the handles often get in the way.

For me, ideally the tool would be accessed much like move+copy or rotate+copy or erase / hide / smooth - with a modifier key.

It is useful. But in my workflow it is often in the way.