Rotate inference on the move tool

Is there a way of disabling the ‘Rotate’ feature that pops up when using the ‘move’ tool and you are wanting to select a mid-point?

I don’t really get what it’s been stuck in there for because if I want to rotate something, I use the rotate tool. All it does is annoy me when it decides I must have wanted to rotate something I’m trying to precisely move…


There is no way to disable that feature although I think there has been a feature request for that.

Personally I like that feature and use it frequently. In many cases it’s easier to use than the Rotate tool because it automatically rotates about the center of the component container. No need to find it or rotate the object with the Rotate tool and then move it into place. Different strokes I guess.


As with DaveR, I like it. However, if it gets in the way I zoom in until I can select the point I want to use when moving to snap to a specific point. I’m so used to doing this that it is part of my workflow and do it automatically without any tangible increase in modelling time - but I am only a hobbyist with no deadlines or other demands on my time when using SU.