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Please please PLEASE give us a way to disable these red move grips.


What problem are the creating for you? You need to provide a reason to add a feature like this.

Because I never use them. They are in the way and affect the object in ways I don’t want it to, especially when zoomed way out. I selected “move.” I don’t WANT to rotate. If I wanted to rotate the object, I would have selected rotate and would have been able to choose my own point of rotation. These random nodes are more of a bother than a bonus when I’m modeling very fast.


You don’t have to click ON an object to initiate or perform a move. You can move using anything as a reference and never get close to those red spots.

When I’m zoomed way out, not so easy. It just slows me down immensely. Why is there a rotate option in the move command anyway? Is there a move option in the rotate command? Is there a rotate option in the scale command?

It’s just the same zoomed out. You don’t need to click on the object during a move, so no need to even see the red markers.

The rotate handles in the move tool rotate around the central axes. Totally different from the rotate tool.

I’m sorry, I thought this was a safe place to make a suggestion. I’ll delete it.

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It is a safe place to make a suggestion but you need to provide a good use case. I guess you have done that. Of course before they consider adding a feature there needs to be more than one person who would use it. Personally, in my work flow I like having the rotate handles with the Move tool. I can do a lot of my work with only the Move tool which I find faster than switching between tools.

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I’m not saying to get rid of it for everyone. I’m suggesting to give it a toggle to be able to turn them off.


I know the feeling, and that was my first reaction, but I’ve gotten used to them and actually use them sometimes. They are useful for moving furniture around. I suppose maybe they could make a preference check box to disable them like there is for preselecting a face with push-pull. I always have that unchecked because I find it more annoying than helpful.

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I believe that some of the off topic posts are being removed. But, I did log a feature request for the suggestion. It’s SKOR-16002 in our system.


Thank you, Colin.

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I don’t feel as strongly about it as you, and 95% of the time I like having the rotate feature handy. But it sometimes gets in the way when trying to move some objects in certain situations. At those times I’d like to have a modifier key (or something) to just briefly toggle it off.


I think the display of Rotation Handles should be related to the pixel size between them. When you zoom out, they should automatically disappear if they are too close (and therefore taking as much space as the selected entities… and reappear when zooming it sufficiently.

Same behavior as for the Scaling Handles, which should be merged or disappeared when they are hard to distinguish.


I agree when you say that we need a reason for requesting a feature. But I think that preference is a valid reason specially in a software like SU where there are so many different ways of using it and so many valid workflows. On this specific feature I personally don’t use those rotate things with the move tool but I have only clicked on it by mistake very fees times. So doesn’t bother me too much having them on, although if there was an option to turn them off I would definitely have them off.


I agree with markitect2025. The grips get in the way when moving small groups. It can be tough to select a corner when the cursor keeps snapping to the rotate grip.


I would imagine everyone who uses sketchup has accidentally grabbed those red grips at least 10 times and would immediately understand this request. I appreciate you mentioning it because I thought I was crazy or overly picky for being so bothered by them. When I want to rotate, I use the rotate tool. I would imagine surely it wouldn’t be hugely in the way to put an option for this in the settings or preferences window.


I use those rotate handles all day everyday in SU.

They save me from having to choose another tool, make another pick, hit my keyboard for another shortcut. These tools are one of the things which make modeling in SU so fast and intuitive.

We all work differently. I have been using SU since 2004 and have many deeply ingrained habits which when they get changed I actually have to change muscle memory to accommodate a change to a command or key sequence.

This is why the whole move copy fracas was such pain for many of us, I was constantly leaving behind a trail of unneeded copies, having to delete them or not getting the copies I needed because my hands were automatically doing what I wanted without conscious thought.

I can see having the option to toggle them off but for me, I need them there all the time.

I work on much smaller things than almost anyone here as a product designer so although I can understand your frustration, driving your desire onto my work flow is rather less than ideal.

A preferences option as opposed to a modifier would be desirable to turn this off or on.


My only complaint with the red move grips is that sometimes, they are too close to an endpoint nearby that I’d prefer to use as a move reference point and if I’m not careful, or if I don’t zoom in some, I get the rotation instead.

But don’t remove them. As @DaveR says, I find them immensely useful during a rapid editing session with components or groups. One thing I think is REALLY cool about them is that if you select several objects (groups or components) ANY of the red grips will rotate the entire collection, but around the center axis of the group or component owning that grip. Super useful.

@colin , how about implementing a feature that allows some way of choosing which grip (red + or blue target) you want to use–or none at all. Sometimes the inference SketchUp makes is NOT the one I want, especially if (1) the grip is very close to another or (2) the grip I want is off screen (such as the center of a large radius arc, necessitating a zoom out to find it and a zoom back to effect the action). Hot keys would do it, although with the SketchUp limit of single key plus modifier (ALT, SHIFT, CTRL), available hot keys might be in short supply and not intuitive. Perhaps a right click popup? Personally, I’d vote for multiple key hot keys (ala AutoCAD) to vastly expand available keyboard shortcuts. Thanks


I logged the feature request, and hopefully we will have a good discussion about the issue.

With the Line tool there is already a way to cycle through inference options, I wonder if that could be applied to the Move tool.

I do have other ideas too, that I will bring up if we discuss this more internally.

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