Move command turning into rotate command

Im struggling to move my components all of a sudden. Instead of being able to select different points along edges of the object, it instead automatically jumps to a red cross / rotate compass. I can’t seem to figure out how to select points on the object instead of on the face of the whole group.

How do I turn this rotate off, so I can place my object exactly where I want it?


You don’t exactly turn it off. You just avoid triggering its appearance if you don’t want to see it.

It works this way: Whenever your Move pointer is hovering over a face in a group or component, four red crosses appear midway along each of the sides of the bounding box (see frame 1 in the picture below). When you hover over one of these crosses, a simplified Rotate tool is activated, and the mouse pointer turns into a Rotate icon (see frame 2). This allows you to both position and orient a group or component without changing tools.

But you can still very easily grab any other point on the object and use it as the start point in a move operation: just avoid passing the mouse pointer over a red cross (see frames 3 and 4).


Im trying to get that back left corner of this window into the slop there. I was able to do it before and now it won’t snap to that back corner anymore. When I select the back left corner, it selects the face, not the edge. Im not sure what you mean by avoiding it?

Not sure what you mean. When I try to snap a window like yours into the wall opening, it works just fine. The red crosses don’t interfere at all.

By “avoiding it” I mean don’t put your mouse pointer over a red cross or you will get a Rotate tool



You may benefit from working in X-ray face style. That way you can select edges or grab endpoints (for instance back window corner) through the face(s) in front.