Rotation Tool generates Guides and does not Rotate an object

I am new to Sketchup but I am familiar with other less powerful drawing packages and the issue that I have encountered makes me feel really stupid. I am trying to rotate a box; but when I use the rotate tool in the way describes in the tutorial and in numerous videos on YouTube, all I get are additional Guides. The Rotate tool then snaps to these to create further guides.

I know I am doing something wrongly, but I cannot for the life of me work out what it is (or is it a setting somewhere?). If someone could guide this newbie, I’d be very grateful.

You’re using the Protractor tool, not the Rotate tool.


Yes, well…I did say that it made me feel stupid - that just proves it!!!

On a (slightly) serious note, the cursor does change to the same icon when either option is selected (OK - it’s a weak excuse, but the best that I have) and I also now notice that the tool tip on the very bottom of the screen changes. Thank you for setting me straight, I do appreciate it.


Just curious. When you created the box, did you group it? Next, when you select the “move” tool and hover over a face in the group you will notice four small “x” appear along with the protractor.
You can now “grab” one of the “x” and rotate the box. Rotating with the move tool is very handy.

You’re not the first person to make that mistake. You’re not the hundredth, either. Worry not.