There are no stupid questions. Just stupid pple. And I have one for you!

Hi, How are you all doing. Here it’s a beautiful morning!

So, this is a video of me trying to do simple things with Q tool. So, in square one in the video of the Q tool, minute 6:25, Aaron is doing a wide angle with a box by snaping the protractor in the middle of nothing, then clicking on a point in the box and doing its thing. I can’t seem to be able to do that, as shown in the video. Another thing which is showed in the begginning of my video is that I’m making another copy of my box without my CTRL key on. Why is that? With the CTRL key on I can normally do copies, but without it, isn’t it weird?

Another funny thing is that before, when I was learning how to do interiors and messing around with furnitures I could easily do that (open wide angle), which was terrible, because I didn’t want that at that moment. Now that I want to do that, I can’t.

To rotate a component pick the rotate tool and hover it over the component. The rotate tool will highlight the component. Click on the component.

To rotate a component from another location, use the select tool to select the component. Pick the rotate tool and select a point to rotate from.

My mistake was that I didn’t preselect the group before doing the rotation. Thank you so much!
and I feel like I need to apologize for making such simple questions. But then again, who will help me?

It’s so easy, it’s easy to miss. I had to try a couple times to remember how to get it wrong. Once I did, I had to try a couple of times to remember how to get it right :^).