Cannot rotate a shape

for some reason i cannot rotate anything. it’s been a while since i used sketchup but i don’t think i’m doing anything wrong. To try and debug this is just created a simple 2D rectangle and still could not rotate it. Any ideas?

Since you are doing nothing wrong, perhaps the universe has flipped.
Perhaps if you showed us what is happening we could prove the universe is at fault.
A quick screen shot or better still, a model upload.

Presumably you are using the Rotate Tool and not the Protractor tool?

ok…yes its been a while and i’m sure the universe it not at fault…now i’m starting to feel really dumb. Don’t you use the protractor to perform the rotate?

OK…ignore all this. yes i see that there’s a rotate tool vs protractor

So have you managed to rotate?

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Yes. Once it dawned on my that the actual tool was separate from the protractor it was obvious. Amazing what you forget when you put a tool down for a couple years.

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