Component won't rotate

I created a component but cannot rotate it.

I bring in the component, position the protractor on the end point set an angle, but the component does not rotate. It works on components from the library, but not on mine.

How about sharing your component so we can see what you’ve got and give you an answer without having to guess?

hmm I thought the protractor was to establish a guide at a specific angle. The rotate/move tool is used to rotate objects.

Did you create the component in a geo-located model ?
This can cause issues…

Or, is the component a DC ?
If so is its rotation frozen in its coded parameters ?

Do you mean the Protractor Tool, or the protractor of the Rotate tool (press shortcut q to start it)?

As @mics_54 says above, the Protractor tool only draws a guideline and doesn’t rotate anything.


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