Rotating a component with angled edges

I have drawn a trapezium and made a component then copied it into four sides of a pyramid. Now I have to rotate the sides toward each other to make the pyramid. But when I use the rotate tool the protractor wants to position itself flat on the edge at the endpoint of the “wall” so I cannot rotate the “wall” vertically. How do I force the protractor to align itself with the blue axis rather than the component? I click the end point (the pivot position) then move the mouse up the blue axis to the end point of the component outline. Then I should just be able to rotate toward the center point of the pyramid.

I don’t want to have to redraw the wall into a rectangle, rotate into the correct position and trim, but I will if that is the only way to angle in the tops of the walls.

Not quite understanding all you wrote but, select what you want to rotate, then get the rotate tool, click and drag (on the point you want to as center of rotation) up so the rotate tool turns blue and release, click and release at the start point and click and release at the finish point.

You need to use the axis-lock feature of your protractor or rotation tool. If you orient the tool to the desired axis first (for instance, by pointing it toward the appropriate horizon or other plane), you can lock that orientation by holding down the shift key while moving the tool to your desired object. Then click the point that you want as the origin of rotation.

Here’s a discussion of a similar problem: Orient a circle to a plane but placed on a different plane

Perfect answer DanYHKim! Just what I needed. Thank you.