Rotating a face to a new plane

I created a face in the green/red plane. I want to rotate it about the red axis, by 90 degrees, so that it ends up being a face in the blue/red plane. When I choose the rotate tool it always seems to default to rotation about the blue axis. How to I get the round protractor tool to be about the red axis?

Camera angle changes how tools orient, so if you are looking down it will naturally be blue, looking horizontal will be green or red depending on your angle.
The rotate tool will orient onto a face as in your image, but if you orbit into a more horizontal position it can change to red.
But, easier still, tap the right arrow for red. left arrow for green and up arrow for blue.

You can also click and drag to set the axis of rotation.


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Another method that you really need to master since, at time, the axis of rotation will not be parallel to any of the axes :

1 - Select the object to rotate.

2 - Select the Rotate Tool.

3 - Position the cursor over a point that you want to be on the rotation axis.

4 - Press the Left Mouse Button (LMB). Keep it pressed.

5 - While still pressing the LMB, slide the cursor along an edge or guide or whatever you want as the rotation axis. You will notice that the rotation protractor changes its orientation. If it is black, it indicates that the axis of rotation is not parallel to any of the axes. If it turns red, green or blue, it indicates that the axis of rotation is parallel to the axis of the same color.


Illustrating what @box mentioned and @jean_lemire_1 described:


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