Is there a shortcut/trick to simplify choosing axis to rotate around


I’m hoping there is some way to simplify choosing what axis I want to rotate around. I am really struggling with this. When I select Rotate tool and move the mouse around I can see that the protractor changes colors to indicate which axis it will rotate around.

My problem is that I can’t seem to pick the axis I want a lot of times. Is there a way to specify what axis to rotate around?


Use the cursor keys. Up to rotate around blue, left for green, and right for red.

And you can click and drag to set the axis of rotation when it is off axis.


Thanks DaveR. That’ll help a lot

When/if you have the correct axis colour showing, you can also hold Shift to lock the axis before clicking on the rotation centre.

And in later versions of SU, Down Arrow locks to perpendicular or parallel (magenta inference) to on-face or edge.