Short cut keys on choosing Axis for rotation



I use to use the arrows to choose on what axis i can rotate but i doesn’t work anymore. i know were to change the short cut keys but don’t know what the description is for this fuctions.


Rotation (and other protractor operation(s)) about a specific axis can be obtained by dragging the tool after the first click. No [Arrow] keys, nor shortcut keys are involved. FAIK there have never been. Drag the tool and second click, even for any other direction.

Edit: although dragging is the key to success, it is not about first and second click. Drag and release Left mouse button to setup the axis of rotation. A second and third click determine the start and finish of the rotation angle.


Thanks Dan


Awesome that i didn’t know. i was working now recently on 2016 and i did the same what you do with the mouse but just with the arrows. I uninstalled 2016 though gave me a bit of problems. 2015 working awesome. But thank you so much for the help.


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