How do you rotate flat object

I have a flat 2d object and want to rotate it. When I select the rotate tool and hover over the object I cannot get the protractor to change colour and therefore cannot rotate the object the way I want. i.e. I have a rectangle lying flat on the ground and I want to rotate it 90 deg so it stands on its edge.

Use arrow keys.

Use the cursor keys to orient the tool. right for red, left for green, up for blue.

Or click and drag along the edge you want to rotate around.

You could also orbit the camera to a different position to encourage the protractor to orient as you want.

Or you could have orbited the camera slightly and drawn the rectangle vertically in the first place.

Click and hold down the Left mouse button! (in this case on a corner) and drag the cursor along an edge, only then let go of the button, to set the the axis of rotation. Then continue clicking second and third location to make the rotation.

Great - cursor key worked like a charm. Thanks Dave

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I’m on a Mac so havn’t got a left mouse button. But the cursor key method worked for me. Thanks

You should get a simple three-button mouse with a scroll wheel if you’re going to continue working in SketchUp. It’ll make it much easier and faster. You can get one for under $20.

Good idea - shame Apple don’t make one!

Just get a basic Logitech mouse. You don’t have to have an Apple mouse.

The Logitech mouse will be plug and play.

As @DaveR mentioned above one option is Camera Angle. Things change depending on how you look at them.