Protractor won't lock in angle

Hi there. I’m trying to set a 45 degree guide angle on the blue axis, but after I place the protractor on the corner and click it locks in and turns the two adjoining lines blue basically locking itself in for a rotate. I can’t enter a value in the Angle box unless it is locked in. Sorry, I can’t explain it any better.

All I want to do is lock in a guide at an angle. Seems simple, but is not! :exploding_head:

Evidently you’re missing some step. First, you can lock the orientation of the Protractor to the desired axis by either positioning it and holding Shift or pressing the appropriate cursor (arrow) key. Then click and release to set the center of rotation. click and release to set the starting reference, drag the cursor in the required direction and click and release to set it. Type the desired angle and hit Enter to get a precise angle.

Hi DaveR. The problem is I don’t want a rotation I just want an angled guide line. (I’m trying to learn to make my roof. And the follow-me method did not work.) Basically what I’m trying to do is set a flat 45 degree angle on the left and right sides of the garage. Then use the line tool to connect the triangle and use the move tool to pull-up.

You have to rotate the protractor from the starting position to get the 45 degrees. Otherwise it’s 45 degrees from what starting point?


Note: I’m pressing an arrow key to get the red and green locked orientations.

Thank you. I will give it a go!

This didn’t work for me slbaumgartner. It looks like you are working on the axis line whereas I was on the corner of a cube and it kept locking in the two corners adjacent the protractor, so when you tried to extend the line out & up to set the line it would warp the object I was trying to set an angled line on. (If that makes any sense to you what-so-ever!)

It sounds to me like you are grabbing the Rotate tool instead of the yellow Protractor tool. The Protractor tool can’t modify geometry.

I agree with @DaveR that likely you are activating the Rotate tool instead of the Protractor tool. The toolbar button for the protractor looks like this: 11 AM, whereas the button for the rotate tool looks like this: 21 AM

These tools can be confusing, as both of them display an angle circle when activated, but they have very different actions. The protractor creates angled guide lines, whereas the rotate tool rotates geometry to a new orientation.

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You might be right. I tested both and they look exactly the same. Color me embarrassed. :blush::blush::blush:

The large compass rose looks the same but the tools and their cursor icons are different.

I won’t forget it either after all the headache. LOL

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One more thing, BTW, if it’s for a roof angle, you don’t have to enter the number in degrees. Roofs in the US are mostly specified as inches in rise per foot of run, so, if you want, say, a 4 in 12 roof pitch, you can type in 4:12 and that will set the right angle. As one of my students found out, it does have to be a colon, not a semicolon.

Thanx RTCool. That’s good to know! Lucky for me there’s more than one way of accomplishing the same thing. It took longer, but I got the job done.

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