Question about Angle Dimensions

Why doesn’t theprotractor tool allow the option of showing the angle measured? Searching tells me that it is not included in SU Make (and that the SU development team have been criticized for it), but I was wondering if there is some technical reason that it cannot be reliably reported and shown in drawings. I have noticed that the approximation symbol, “~”, precedes all but the precise angles measured. Why not show the value to 4 decimal places?

I’d just like to understand.

Could someone please tell me what plug-in/add-on I might use to deal with angles better?


You can see the measured angle in the Measurements box when you use the Protractor tool. As for angle precision, you can set that up to 3 places beyond the decimal. It’s the same as in SU Pro.

… and the setting is in ModelInfo > Units

Thank you both. Found it and set it to 3 decimal places.

I’m not seeing the angles in the measurements box when measuring the angles with the protractor tool. what am I doing wrong?

Which version of SketchUp? Your profile indicates two different versions.

Are you clicking once to set the center and then again at another point to set the angle baseline before trying to measure the angle? Until the baseline is defined, the protractor will just swing around with the cursor without showing any angle.

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Sketch up Pro 2018

I am clicking the vertex while holding down the shift key to lock my axis plane, then I move the cursor over to click on my starting point. When I go to the second point to find the angle, I am seeing the component spinning around the protractor and getting no angle indicated in the angle measurements box. It’s not working like the help page video’s are telling me.
P.S. I discovered my problem. I was using the rotate shortcut (Q) instead of clicking on the protractor tool. I need to make a shortcut for the protractor tool now. DUH!

That sounds to me that you might be using the Rotate tool, instead of the Protractor. (You edited your post as I were writing)

Yes, that is correct! I am very new to computers, let alone 3D software programs! I am having another problem that I have been unable to solve. If I only could figure out what I am doing wrong in the first place. If can Can try to send you the file can you help me?Louie’s Bench.dae (28.3 KB)
Let m know if you got it._

You haven’t told us what the problem is, so you could tell us firstly what’s wrong to get accurate help.

If this problem doesn’t involve angular dimensions then it would be better to start a new topic for this one, keeping the forum tidy.

When you upload a file it’s often better to upload the SketchUp Model (SKP) file whenever applicable, you’ll probably get a better response. Unless the problem concerns importing the dae that is.


Sorry about that, I am new to forums. I thought I downloaded a file. Must’ve done something wrong.