Labelling an angle with protractor

I have figured out how to measure the angle of a two sides of my model but is there a way I can show that angle as a visible measurement superimposed on the model without having to manually create an a pointer to that angle and create a label?

The protractor is showing me that my maximum angle is 40.4 degrees as I dynamically move through it but when I press enter or click the mouse it disappears. Looking for this final angle measurement to be visible as a marker on the model. Hope this makes sense. Any help much appreciated.

Angular dimension plugin

For some reason they have not yet added a dimension tool for angle, fortunately you can use Angular Dimensions.

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Thanks for confirming the functionality is not there. That tool looks useful but is too expensive for me as to use it it looks like I have to subscribe a minimum of $15 a month to SketchUcation unless I am mistaken?

Sketchucation is free, just sign up for a free membership, the link is quite clear on the page if you look.

If you are using the web version it’s no use to you anyway.

Your profile is inconsistent. Are you using the Free web version, or 2018 Pro? Please update your profile.

As Box says, the web versions (Free or Shop) can’t use plugins. And those web versions are continually updated so don’t have a yearly version.

I’m using Sketch Up Shop so only web based. Thanks for confirming plugins of no use.

Perhaps you could edit your profile to indicate the correct version. I moved this to the correct category, too, so that others who come along with the same question might find this.

There have been hopes that the web versions might eventually use plugins, but no evidence of it so far.

Best I could suggest in Shop would be to draw an arc, measure the angle with the Protractor tool, and add a Text label with the angle as text. That’s what an earlier version of the plugin Angular Dimension used to do with three clicks.

The later version I worked on with @slbaumgartner (who did all the hard work) Angular Dimension 2, places the text in the plane of the angle.

That’s very hard to do manually with native tools, but you might manage it using 3D Text, which I think is available in the Web versions.

Thanks John,

I’ve been doing something similar. Making a solid triangle and adding text. Just a bit of a faff and I thought to check I wasn’t missing a simple trick. Hopefully this functionality will come about soon enough.

Not been funny but I did try. For the sake of creating another help topic can you advise how to do this. If I go to my profile and expand Summary I can see it states Licence: “Sketch Up Free” but I see no means to edit it.

Click on Preferences and then Profile.

Scroll down and make the appropriate setting for License Type and add the SketchUp Version. Make sure the Operating System and Graphics card info are up to date while you’re at it.

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And when creating a topic related to using SketchUp Shop, please select SketchUp for Web/SketchUp Shop so it ends up in the right category. That will be a benefit to you because others who are trying to help you would know better than to suggest a tool or extension that isn’t an option for you. It’ll save you and everyone else time.

A bit cumbersome, but after determining the angle with the protractor you could use an arc and a label or text element next to it.

Sorted. Thanks