Angular Dimensions for Geometry Class

Hello, I am a High School math teacher with medium level experience with SU (free & Pro). My geometry students have access to SU for Schools on their Chromebook devices.

I would love to do more work on curriculum development integrating SU with various geometry standards. There are so many direct connections between SU native tools and classic geometric standards (linear dimensions, tape measure, scaling objects, transformations, etc). One shortcoming seems to be the lack of angular dimensioning on SU for Schools.

I understand the work around using arc drawing tool , text insert, etc. In a particular situation this may be completely sufficient.

However, in trying to use SU for Schools to help my students learn geometric concepts, it would extremely effective to have angular dimensions available. If you think about most classic geometry topics in school - triangle congruence, parallel lines, angle relationships, etc - they require knowledge of the angle dimension. I can envision the creation of so many wonderful learning opportunities where students could measure and mark up angles on a SKP file . These angular dimensions could be a way for students to demonstrate logical reasoning in proofs. Students can demonstrate angle relationship properties in intersecting lines, similar triangles, etc

Thank you for considering this topic. I am happy to engage with folks that have worked on this with students in your classrooms OR with Sketch Up forum moderators. Really appreciate it

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I’m assuming you mean annotation labels of angular dimensions, as the protractor tool can be used to create guides at desired angles and to measure existing angles. The rotate tool can also rotate through a specified angle. Layout, which comes with the pro version, can label an angle in a Layout file. But no version of SketchUp has a tool to label an angular dimension in a skp file. Even in the pro version of SketchUp one must use an extension.

Thank you SU Sage for your response.

I am with you on this. A user can use the protractor tool to create an angle of specified value in degrees, a user can rotate an object of specified value, etc. For creating a design with certain requirements, these tools are great and sufficient.

I am looking for SketchUp to consider adding angular dimensioning (as a new tool) inside the SU model for SU for Schools. My reasoning for this is that a geometry teacher (such as myself) could more readily incorporate SU for Schools into geometry classes.

When students are making sense of geometric theorems for the first time, by having a tool in SU model space that would allow for angular dimensioning, the student could better verify newly learned geometric concepts. For example, consider vertical angles. If the teacher gives a student a series of vertical angles formed by intersecting lines in a SKP file, a student can dimension the angle values and demonstrate how vertical angles are congruent (equal in measure) as well as the formation of linear pairs (supplementary / adjacent angles).

I believe that the power of dimensioning (as opposed to measuring with the protractor tool) would allow students to better keep track of the measurements they are investigating in a singular space.

I recognize that this would be a new offering from SU as angular dimensioning in SU Pro is done in Layout (or via an extension for the design space). I am hoping that this will be seriously considered as the ability to dimension angles in the design space of SU for Schools, would allow for additional opportunities for using SU for Schools, in schools.

Thanks again for your thoughtful response.

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I’m going to move this topic from SketchUp for Schools to Feature Requests category, as that is what it really is, and it is more likely to get the attention of the SketchUp team in that category. The relevance of SketchUp for Schools is explicit in your discussion.

We users* have argued for this tool in SketchUp Pro for years, but the developers believe that dimensioning of all sorts is annotation, which is what LayOut was designed for. Linear and circle dimensions were included in SketchUp before LayOut was created, so they have remained. But the devs haven’t been motivated to add angular dimensions to SketchUp itself. I don’t know if this belief would differ with respect to SketchUp for Schools, but one more voice can’t hurt the chances!

  • I, and most other SketchUp Sages, am not a Trimble or SketchUp employee. I am just a frequent user contributor to this forum who has gotten that title based on putting in extra effort to help other users. So, I only speak for myself.

Understood and thank you for moving this topic to the correct forum. I spent some time reading about this before I posted and I could not figure out where I should be posting – thank you so much – I know it is not a “new” request from the SU community (in general) but I am hoping that if SU/Trimble realizes the power of this tool in this specific use , it would allow for many more people to use the tool while learning geometry (which seems so natural to me)
Thank you again!

Just to help you along the way, here is an Extension that can help:

(I believe this was co-authored by Steve in the responses above?)

And here is my dude, Justin, talking about how to use it:

Good luck!

Unfortunately not in SketchUp for Schools. Otherwise I expect Steve would have suggested it.


That’s what makes him a Sage and I get Minimum Wage. :upside_down_face:


You all right on it, in terms of solutions. I am trying to work with the SU system that my students have access to and also teach the appropriate geometry standards. I think that a native angular dimension tool in SU for Schools could substantially change the applicability of the software

If there is a Trimble/SU person out there reading this, I am open to testing a beta version with my class, if that is possible

FWIW, we have completed some work (developing ideas and demonstrating understanding) using the midpoint tool, segment creation and linear dimensioning. My students love it and I am trying to expand the experience for them


How have you applied the linear ‘Dimension’ tool so far? As to variations in positioning?

For example, my students created a large “die” (singular dice) with dimensions of 4’x4’x4’. In that case, students noted particular dimensions in terms of overall dimensions, circle locations, etc. I am including a screenshot here, I hope it shows up as I am responding to your question via email (and not directly in the SU forum). We utilized: line tool, dimensioning tool, midpoint location, segment division, circle drawing, rectangle drawing, push/pull

I would love to use sketchup to demonstrate triangle congruency (ASA, SAS, etc), using cases to show when these ideas apply as well as examples of relationships where triangles are not necessarily congruent (AAA, SSA, etc) It is these cases where angular dimensioning in the design space would be excellent.

I should say that I started with a lesson from “Tech Store Resources” via Teachers Pay Teachers. TSR posted a packet of activities to download for free. Here is the link if you are interested.