Measuring angles ! :(

Hello everyone, im diving into the sketchup world to help with some woodwork, ive hit a brick wall when it comes to measuring angles and im just not sure ive done it write. hoping some can check my file and let me know if i measured them write :smiley: exmaple.skp (72.7 KB)

Use Protractor to check the angles.

yeah but that still assumes i got it right in the first place LOL. anyway ill stop worrying and assume it was right :smiley:

Thanks man

Then… what do you mean by:

Don’t know what angles you want to have?

That those are indeed the correct angles so when i bevel the board its correct (same as the model)

Edit. the angle between the face and sides. im super newb lol

In fact, what 3D model do you want to create? Dimensions, angles, bevel…

explode.skp (46.7 KB)

Something like that. it comes to together to make a climbing wall volume. I have the tool to construct it out of plywood i just need to know the angles for the cuts so it comes together nice and sits flat on the wall :smiley:

In desktop version of Sketchup you could install a plugin: Angle Between Faces

The plugin will tell you exactly the angle, just by right-click on one and only one line that is adjacent to two and only two faces.
And you can reconfirm that angle by the method I already showed you, with Protractor.

And if you want to document the angle for use in your workshop, try the Angular Dimension 2 plugin from the SkecthUcation Plugin Store.

It looks as though @mihai.s used it his first post.