Measurements for Fabrication


Hi there. I am new to sketch up but I have been successfully making designs. I want to make my design out of wood. My math skills are not so good. Is there way or does anyone have suggestion on how I might be able to generate diagram that indicates the length and the angles of the lines that make up my object? I know how to work with wood, measure with a ruler and use different types of saw. But having reliable measurements for lengths and angles is what I need to first. Any suggestions?

Btw the way, the object I want to construct is similar to a zome. Thanks!


Look for the plugin “Angle Between Faces” by daiku in the Extention Warehouse (from within SketchUp). Hovering over an edge will reveal the angle between two adjacent faces.
There’s also the ‘Query’ tool that lets you check lengths of edges etc. when hovering over geometry with its cursor. You’ll also need to download and install this plugin from the Extention Warehouse.
Someone may provide its name (I forgot).


Use the dimension tool to add dimensions to your model. You can put dimensions on scene specific layers, so they are only visible in a specific scene.

So read help on:

  • Dimensions
  • Layers and visibility
  • Scene Pages


For the dimensioning of angles, you should download the plugin Angular Dimension from @slbaumgartner (Win, Mac).