Angles degrees for my wood project


I am a new sketchup user and I need help to find angles in my project.
I have to build a wood cat box and I am trying to find the angles for each piece of wood I have to saw.
I have my sketchup plan and I can send you my file by email.
Hoping to read you soon.
Nicolas,box angle.skp (95.9 KB)


You can share the SKP file here so we can take a look at it. Click on the button indicated.


Have you considered using the Protractor tool to measure the angles?



If you want to add angular dimension text, you can use this plugin for example:


I dave, I am a skechup beginner and I put the file in attached.
Sorry for my English, it’s not my mother language.
Hopping you can help me.
Thank for your response.


Hi Gully,

My piece of wood is include in my question. My piec of wood is in different positions and I have difficulties to move it to be in a regular plan to find angles. I have to do my project this week end and I loose time because I am just beginning with sketchup.
If you can help me fine.


Thank you Cotty. You can look for my different asnwers and my attached file too.
English is not my mother language :frowning:


What is your first language? Lots of us can speak several.


I had a look at your model. There is no native angular dimension tool in SketchUp. You can use the Protractor tool to measure the angles and then make a note of them from the Measurements window. The guidelines were placed 90° to the edge using the Protractor too, too, before measuring the angle between them.

I drew in the sector to make it easier to show what I was measuring but it isn’t needed just to get the angle. If I were building this in my shop, I think I’d modify the design. I couldn’t set that bevel accurately on my table saw. It won’t go that far past 45°