Angle for a 2x4

Hello, this is my first post and i am very new to Sketchup

I have a piece of wood 38x63x1200 in a group
i have a piece of wood 38x63x1150 in a group spaced at 900mm from the first piece
I would like to use another piece of wood 38x63 to connect to both pieces flush with each other but because there is an angle i don’t know how to do this.
Can anyone help please

How about sharing the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got? I expect the solution is easy enough but seeing your model will eliminate any guessing.

how do i share the file please Dave

Drag and drop the .skp file into your reply.

Wheelie bin store (1).skp (25.2 KB)

You’re almost there. Use the Rotate tool to rotate the group down to the angle using the top corner as the center of rotation.

After you’ve rotated it, you can open the group for editing and cut the angles.

I expect the other side will be identical to this one. If I were modeling this I would be using components instead of groups to make the workflow easier and more efficient.

that works a treat, i need to read up about components to under
thanks very much for your support

You’re welcome.

A little more poking and I see that the rear legs are loose geometry and the front legs are two lumps loose geometry inside of one group container.

Each board that you’d create in the shop should be separate.

Components have several advantages over groups. One is that you are prompted to give them useful names when you create them. Another is that edits made to one component will also be made to other instances of the component. With groups that doesn’t happen.

Here is your file with the parts converted to components.
Wheelie bin store (1).skp (36.0 KB)

that’s great, i will use this file and start using components
thank you

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