Square block with hole and I want to cut it a 45 degrees


I use Sketchup 8 Pro for my woodworking and I can do most intermediate things. However, I have a problem with a hole in a square component. I want to cut it at 45 degrees across the hole. I have tried push/pull and follow-me with no success.

I have just joined the community, so I’m not sure if I can somehow show you the SKP file here. However I can send it to someone if that would help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


You can add your model or an image using the upload button at the top of the message box.
There are several ways but basically you need to intersect a face with the hole.
Here’s a quick version.


Box beat me to it. would delete this post if I could.


I watched the video several times, then tried to do what you showed. I selected the component and then intersect faces/with selection. However I got the message:

No intersections found between selection set and the rest of the model.

What did I do wrong


I cannot find the upload button on the page. Please help thank you.


Problem Angle.skp (34.7 KB)


I’m trying to cut the angle of the component at the origin across the line shown. The others are experiments from boxes reply. No success! No idea what i"m doing wrong.Problem Angle.skp (43.1 KB)


The edges need to form a face, so by joining your two angles with a straight line across the face a face appears which can then be intersected.
You refer to components when in fact it is raw geometry.
A component is a specific wrapped group of geometry, so be careful of your wording.


I take your point about raw geometry. You make it look so easy but I’m really not sure what you’re doing. I think I understand to the part where you select the part and then intersect faces with selection. Not sure what you are doing after that. Are you deleting? Just cannot do what you are doing. Very frustrating!

Perhaps you could write out what you are doing. Appreciate your help, thanks


I’m just selecting and hitting the delete key on the keyboard.


I did it thank you so much. Check it out and see if I did it correctly. Problem Angle.skp (32.3 KB) Just gotta practice.


Well done.
Mind you there is still a face missing down the hole between the two circles.


Thank you so much for your patience. I did it in a fashion, but I did notice that the inside of the counter bore is transparent, Not sure why! I’ll just have to keep practicing and maybe find some videos about the intersect function. Thanks again.

Time to sleep
Problem Angle.skp (32.3 KB)


Just so you know, that face isn’t transparent, it is missing.
Here is one way to do the whole thing with tools and no keyboard shortcuts.


Guess I’ll have to watch this a number of times to perfect. Why is your toolbar different than mine? I tried to find what you have, but could not find them. See attachment.


The icons have changed slightly from SU 8 to SU 15. They do the same thing though. Not really sure why you are learning on such an old version.


Hi Mandobrit, hi folks.

You mentioned a component. If your object is indeed a component, double click it first to enter its context. Then you can edit it as shown by Box.

Just ideas.



Two more ways, if the creatin of that intersectiong face is less simple…

  1. with a section cut

  2. if you need this function often, you should have a look at http://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/s4u-slice ($) to speed up the process…


just one more after dinner mint…


Thank you so much to everyone for their help. So interesting to see the different ways to approach a problem. You all make it look so easy.----mandobrit