Create group or component to insert and rotate into other model

Hi new here. I work on PC and a Google release Sketchup. I am not a grand specialist. I designed a piece of furniture that has an element of repetition (storage). Its plywood 1.5cm thickness. I designed all the repletion each one by one (for the practice) When all was done I found many mistakes of 1-2mm. So I copied one of the elements corrected it 100% and now am trying to integrate it again into the main model. BUT now I hit a problem. I made it a component and a geometry and since then cant seem to rotate it all before or after moving into the final model. I need to rotate it 180% I cant seem to do it and I have a problem also to guide the idem exact into position along the XYZ ...direction. I have rotated many things before and cant find out why I can rotate this item. I saved it into another file alone but still it will not rotate. What am I doing wrong while creating geometry or component? What are the best tutorials you suggest to solve this problems. I cant seem to find a place here to upload the screen shot of the model there is a left and right to it that is why I need to rotate the insert to fit into the white space. Thanks for any help

it is possible you have placed one component within the other, double click the item to see, or use outliner to check

rather than rotate 180, you can flip in the axis direction, Right click the component, and select Flip on the context menu, flip in blue direction.

if still problems please upload and then we can resolve
you can upload using the menu on the post or reply

Thank so very much, I am VERY sorry for my late reply.
Your advise has allowed me to resolve my problem
then I got so involved in finishing the model and get
it ready to be built a.s.a.p