How do you turn an object?

I am trying to turn this window around, but i cannot do it. The rotate tool just rotates it around at the same angle, I need to actually turn it??

It’s probably a component with gluing properties. Drag a new copy of the component in from the Components window and place it on the wall where you want it. See if that works.

Sharing the .skp file would help get you more concise help.

The rotate tool works depending one where you grab something and what axis you use.

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It just copies in sideways, how do I get it to turn?

Share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you are working with.

Did you copy the component in the model space or drag it in from the Components panel?

What tool are you trying to use to rotate it?

Guest-Bedroom-Ensuite~.skp (3.8 MB)

I have tried the protactor tool. I opened the window in a new sketchup file and then copied and pasted from there?

The Protractor tool is not the Rotate tool. Use the Rotate tool.

That’s not the same as dragging a copy of the component from the Components panel. As it turns out, though, that window in your model is a group, not a component so it wouldn’t be in the Components panel and it couldn’t have gluing properties anyway. Both things that could only be determined by seeing your model file so thank you for sharing it.

Sounds like you might benefit from going through the SketchUp Fundamentals at

I’ve just done a sketch up course but was a lot to take in.

So I need to make it a component - then i use the protractor tool?

No. It can remain a group. You just need to use the Rotate tool, not the Protractor tool. Look at the video clips both Box and I posted. The show the correct tool and how to use it.

Might not hurt to go through the Fundamentals anyway.

Rotate tool:

Protractor tool:

An unrelated note about your model:

You have the Floorplan tag active–note the location of the pencil icon in the Tags panel. The result is that your loose geometry for the walls and floor as well as the window group all have that tag. The correct workflow is to leave Untagged active at all time. Create and leave all geometry untagged. Make groups or components that contain the geometry and give them the appropriate tags.

Here’s the cleaned up file. I also purged a bunch of unused stuff.
Guest-Bedroom-Ensuite tags fixed.skp (1.7 MB)

Thanks - silly question but i am watching the video of you using the protractor tool and i can’t seem to replicate the action… i click on the corner of the object, then click again and drag on the angle, but nothing happens?

Ah ok! So you mean all floors be on one tag, windows on another etc?

Thanks for your support on this, since doing the training this is my first attempt!

I’m not using the Protractor tool. I’m using the Rotate tool. Click and release at the desired center of rotation, move the mouse to rotate the object. Click and release to set the angle.

Nothing is “on” a tag. Tags get put on objects (groups and components). I mean that all of the geometry that makes up the walls should be created and left untagged. The geometry gets put into a group and the group gets a tag.

Tags are used primarily to allow visibility control of the objects in the model. You determine what things are given which tags. If you need to be able to show the walls without the windows, give the windows a different tag than the walls. The same goes for the doors. You might create a tag for the furniture objects in the model and another for the plumbing fixtures.

I would still recommend that you go through the fundamentals I linked to previously.