Newbie needs to rotate a window :)

Hi guys!

I’m very new to SketchUp 2016 and i’m trying to create a simple room layout. I go to insert a window from the 3D Warehouse and when it comes in it’s at the wrong angle, I need to rotate it to fit the hole and i cant do it? It will rotate on every other angle except the one i need!

Anyone help?

Many thanks.


Could you share the link to the window component? Are you trying to rotate it so it’s inside is on the other side of the wall? If so, it probably is set up to glue to the face you’ve applied it to. Try applying it to the opposite side of the wall instead.

Thanks Dave. I haven’t got as far as applying it as i cant turn it round, it comes in at the wrong angle. I’m sure it’s dead simple but i can’t figure it. Here’s a screenshot if it helps…

Go to the Components window and grab the component from there. Bring the cursor over to the wall next to the door opening. Does the window rotate itself to lay on the wall?

If you’d share the link to the window as I asked, we could check it out.

Seems to me there are two possibilities. If the model was created with “glue to” set on the component, you can just move an instance from the components window onto that wall and it will snap to lie flat on it. If the model wasn’t made that way or if you placed that instance in space where it had nothing to glue to, you can reorient it using the rotate tool and then move it onto the surface. In this case, if it also had “cut opening” set, it won’t do so because that is associated with glue to.

Here’s the link Dave, thanks

OK. That window is not set up to glue to faces. Select it, get the Move tool and hover over the top of it. Click on one of the red plus icons and you can rotate it about its vertical centerline.

I’ve got it! :slightly_smiling:
(i didn’t realise there was a components window)

You can edit the settings to always face camera which seems to have worked.

Thanks so much.

Always facing the camera isn’t a great thing for a window. It won’t stay flat on the wall as you orbit.

Do what I said, instead.

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ok will do, i think i’d also be better off finding one that glues to the hole i created, is that how it works? I think i need to watch more vids. I just thrown myself in and have a deadline.

Thanks, need to look into the components a bit more and their options. Lots to learn…

That worked a treat, navigating to the top of the window and rotating from there. Thanks for your help!