Door/window sideways and open geometry

Dear SU Experts on MAC,

See east facing door/window. The “move” and “rotate” tool do nothing to correct the angle or direction of the door and window. What am I doing wrong?

Also see north facing back door. I ‘pushed/pulled’ this opening to the 3ft requirement as it somehow started at 2ft. It seems the interior wall did not also push/pull. My line tool does not allow me to touch the ‘ceiling’ while remaining on the correct axis in order to close this geometry.

While I’m here, why is it that I can not erase my lines in my stairs and up that wall? Pesky stuff…
Many thanks in advance. You all rock!

There’s nothing for us to see. You need to share the SketchUp file with us.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile says SketchUp for Schools (web) and Pro 2022 which is confusing. Please correct that.

Hi Dave,
My Trimble account says “SketchUp Studio, Student, annual termed contract”. When in the program, ‘about SketchUp’ tells me something different. See attached.
You actually helped me a few weeks ago. I’m not sure why downloading/uploading a SKP file is so challenging, but it is. I need to find your instructions from a previous exchange. Working on it now. Thank you, DaveR

Final_001.skp (7.0 MB)

Hi Dave,
I have uploaded he skp file. Looking forward to your thoughts and advise.

So you just have SketchUp Pro, not SketchUp for Schools which is web based and for primary school students.

I’ve been looking at it. I’m not sure why you are having difficulty rotating the door and window into place. I rotated and moved them into place using only the Move tool.

You have the window rotated in all three axes. That can be fixed with several rotations using the Move tool but it would probably be easier to bring a new copy out from the Components panel.

The way these components work, when you insert them they will come in with their axes aligned with the model axes. So after bringing them in you have to rotate them to the right orientation. Components can be set up to glue to faces in the model which would automatically align them to the wall where you place them.

As for the missing face on the other wall, I can’t identify exactly what happened but it looks like you delete it. Perhaps you were expecting to have pushed holes through from the outside but they didn’t reach the inside face. The windows aren’t as deep as the wall is thick. Might help to reduce the wall thickness to fit the windows.

Here is the model after fixing those things. I’ve left it to you to create the opening for the windows.
Final_001.skp (7.1 MB)

Thank you!! I read your response a couple of times. I literally spent days working with the Move tool on the window and door. I was convinced it had to be a bigger issue. Oil…The pain is real.
I do watch 1000 videos before turning to the Community Forum for assistance. Thank you again! I am very appreciative.

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