Importing Objects from 2D dwg files

I want to import some doors and windows from a dwg (AutoCAD) file, but I can’t seem to rotate them to get them to line up with my SketchUp model. I’ve tried the Axis tool, but need some tips. Thanks!

Have you tried the Rotate tool? The Axis tool won’t rotate objects in the model.

Show us what you’ve got to work with. Better, share the .skp file.

Hi Dave, Thanks. Let me find the Rotate tool. I’m really new to SketchUp.

Might want to spend some time learning the fundamentals at

Hi DaveR, Yes, I did the fundamentals class. Liked it very much. I think the issue is the dwg file I imported is 2D with no perspective. When I open it in SketchUp it seems to add perspective. When I take a window from the 2D and drop it in the SketchUp, it is always slightly off.

I think you’d need to share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got. Normally a 2D dwg file will come in laying on the red/green plane.

Pasadena Depot.skp (381.3 KB)

DaveR, the upload should be attached. The test window is off to the left. Thank you for your help.

Select the geometry, get Rotate, hit the right cursor key to align the roation with the red axis, rotate the geometry until you get the On Blue Axis indication. Then, to check that it’s paralle to the red, up arrow key to lock rotation to blue axis and rotate lookinf for On Red Axis.

To be honest, the geometry for that window is so simple I think it would be easier to just model it in Sketchup instead of importing the .dwg.

By the way, to get you off on the right foot…

Make sure you are using tags correctly. All edges and faces should be untagged. Your window geometry inherited the component’s tag when you exploded it.
Screenshot - 6_29_2021 , 1_14_42 PM

And purge unused stuff from your model frequently to keep it clean. Purging the model resulted in file size reduction of more than two-thirds.
Screenshot - 6_29_2021 , 1_15_00 PM

DaveR, Wow, thanks for those tips. You are right, drawing the window would be quicker :grinning: but I’m practicing to bring in a face with an arch with a compound curve.

OK. Another thing about CAD imports… Most folks who use imported CAD files only use them as reference and redraw the geometry in SketchUp. There are often issues such as gaps and overruns and so on that create issues. Don’t feel wedded to the idea of using the file you import as the geometry in the Sketchup model.

Hi DaveR, Exactly. I’m using the CAD as mostly reference. There is just one complicated surface I’m thinking of importing, so tried it out with the window and was a bit perplexed. I’m really enjoying using SketchUp. Thanks for your help!

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