Sketchup distorting DWG import [Solved]

Hello. I’m trying to import my floor plan as a DWG but when importing, it seems like SketchUp changes the angles or something of the drawing to make it super imperfect. I’ve checked the DWG and it seems perfectly fine, all the angles are at 90 degrees, but in SketchUp, I check the angles of the imported drawing, and they’re all slightly off resulting in the drawing being completely unusable. Is there some sort of way to fix this or prevent this?

Imperfect iMPORT.dwg (350.7 KB)

you can tell where I circled where it’s supposed to be lined up with each of the axis.

Imperffect Import.skp (7.3 MB)

Can you share the .dwg?


When I open your dwg in a viewer it is already crooked.

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yeahh just noticed that. I was looking at the second and third floor and they seemed to be fine. Will contact my co worker to fix the first floor I guess

This is the DWG that you posted, it does not look like the one you screen shot. and, yes it’s cooked in the file but looks like all angles are 90˚, just the whole file is rotated.

EDIT: I take that back, I have now found a few not square corners in this set of lines, rotating the whole won’t fix this. Looks like sloppy modeling.

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Unless these dimensions and odd angles are intentional, then the original file need some work.