2021 Pro - import DWG and it looks like a child's drawing

I’ve drawn up a DWG of some plates I need fabricating and to share with the wider team who do not have Autocad, I have tried to import the DWG to Sketch up, but it looks awful. Really bad. Round holes are square or triangular, rectangular holes in a regular sequence are all over the place.

I’ve imported other CAD models and they are fine, but I cannot understand what the problem is…

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Sketch Up - WTF|690x347

Can’t tell anything from your screen shot. Share the .dwg file and the .skp file.

When you navigate the imported dwg, does it geometry flicker and jump?
By the look of the su image you provided, it looks much like issues with geometry importing super far from the origin. If it does flicker/jump, have a look at this old video pertaining to geometry located far from the origin.

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