Imports sideways

My components are importing sideways. I reset the axes to no avail.


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I would recommend sharing your .SKP files, or at least a screenshot along with a description of what you are seeing vs. What you are expecting.

What components? Can you upload an example?

It’s for work and I am not allowed to share any images/files/etc. The component is a DWG and its blue axis is aligned with the green in the drawing. I changed them and realigned them but nothing happened.

We can only guess then. Don’t move the model axes in SketchUp. If you can’t modify the DWG file, rotate the entities after importing them.

When I rotate, they don’t line up exactly. The component is slightly at an angle when I tried to rotate from the green axis to the blue axis.

Maybe you need to choose a different axis to rotate on. Or maybe you need to make a second rotation. Since we can’t see any examples, it’s pretty much impossible to diagnose your problem exactly.

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