Imports are coming in upside down


Recently in the past week all my components and objects that I import into my models are importing upside down. I know how to flip them which is not a big deal. I have heard that you can right click the axis to try to reset it but this problem has been happening with multiple project files I have done in the past couple weeks.

When I try to save groups to export as dae files to import into other rendering software they are importing upside down and off axis to the origin. That is the big problem.

What do you suggest?




Can you share a SketchUp file in which this is happening?

The common reason for this is that your main model is upside down or you have the axes inverted. The other possibility is that the components you are importing were modeled upside down. It’s hard to tell exactly what you’ve got going on without seeing your file, though.


Thanks so much for the quick response Dave.

It’s the end of the week and the file is back at the office. I will send it to you on Monday. The thing is… is that imports are upside down in other seperate skp models as well which makes me think its a setting or preferences issue.

Have a good weekend


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