Reverse Import - From One Design to Another

Hopefully someone might have some experience with this.

A colleague of mine took one of my models, (SU 16.1) used it as his base for a new project (SU 17)… and sent it back to me to update/collaborate. Every item, group, component copied out of that model when pasted into a new model, (2016 or 2017 Make) or my original model, now pastes in completely backwards. And vice versa… every new component or item I create and paste back into his model, is pasting in backwards.

  • (Backwards as in… if I use the scale tool and do a complete 1:1 reverse, the model is correct)

However, on my machine, in every case… any existing model, or new model, all copy and paste perfectly fine. Only getting into and out of his model does this happen.

I am on OS X Yosemite… he is using some version of wintel… if that makes a difference.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

My guess is that one of you has changed the orientation of their Axis position. such that the components are being copy/pasted in-between two systems which are not sharing the same common coordinate orientation.

new components will save whatever orientation was in place at the time of their creation (unless extra steps were taken to redefine what the axis direction will be).

When you double click on a component (to enter it’s edit mode), can you see changes in how the component axis is flipped from what your world axis position is?

Try right clicking on one of the major axis lines and choose reset to get it back into it’s original position.

In terms of reassigning all of the components en-mass to a new axis system I’m not sure how that happens in the most efficient manner. I would go one by one and change the axis via right clicking on a component and repositioning it.

Someone with better chops than mine might use a plug-in (if one exists) or some other means in order to change the orientation for all of them en mass.

Hey Jim D…
Thanks for the reply.
You are spot on… the Red/Green between his model and mine was reversed. A right-click reset seems to have done the trick.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell that corrected my problem… I can grab any individual group or component and copy/paste correctly into any other model… No additional en-mas tool necessary. Thanks again.

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