Rotated Items When Pasting

When I copy and paste items between files the item comes in rotated or mirrored. How do I correct this?

What are you copying? A group or component? If so, it will come in to the new file with its axes aligned to the new file’s axis orientation. If you are copying raw geometry, it will take it’s alignment from the original file’s axis orientation and use that orientation in the new file.

Make sure the axes of the object are correct for the way you want to use it. Or change the axis orientation in the new file to suit the orientation of the component or group axes.

Pasting one group from one model to a revised version. Always mirrors the group. Tx for the reply.

Pedal & Paddle

Most likely the group you are copying had been flipped at some point before you copied it. Look at the group’s axes before copying it. Fix them if they don’t have the orientation you need.