Groups flipped when pasted - just curious why

cabinets.skp (3.5 MB)
workbarn base.skp (6.0 MB)

i have been modeling and pasting cabinets back and forth in many files since I started using this program…

These particular cabinets are ones that I modeled several houses ago and keep using as a base. I grabbed a few from my “cabinets” file and moved them into the “work barn” file to finalize and change them around, then I copied them and pasted them back into the “cabinet” meta file, and they’re flipped…

Why? I’m sure it’s a feature or that they are based on groups or components that were already in the cabinet file. I’m just curious why they’re doing that?

Normally when you paste an object it goes into the model so that it’s axes are parallel to the model axes. How are the axes aligned in the object you pasted?

Ah! Because the barn is on the left side of “zero” and i was pasting on the right side of “zero” in the cabinet file?

Well, that shouldn’t matter but is your kitchen in the bar inside the barn group/component and has that been flipped?

Both files are at the top of the first post.

The cabinets I made and they’re mostly groups because i change them so much after each paste, but the appliances are all warehouse additions, so maybe? I will look.

Sorry. I’ll take a look.

I mean, it’s not a big deal. I would just flip them if needed. I just like knowing how the program is making decisions.

So the model axes in the barn model have been reversed so the so the solid read goes in the wrong direction. Solid red should go toward the right if the solid green goes into the distance. The kitchen groups axes are aligned to match the flipped models which implies you made the group after flipping the model axes.

Resetting the model axes …

In your Cabinets model the axes are in their normal default orientation and the kitchen is coming in with it’s axes aligned with the model axes as it is supposed to.

Did you happen to import the entire barn into a SketchUp model and flip that?

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Without wrapping my head around the specifics here, in general there’s such a thing as a “right handed” and “left handed” co-ordinate system. When you start SU and see red-right, green-back, and blue-up, that’s a right handed co-ordinate system. If you make a group or component and then mirror it, try double clicking to edit into it and and look at the axes for a minute and think. You should see red-left, green back, and blue-up which is a left handed co-ordinate system. It’s not something you necessarily think about, but there is a name for it and it effects the direction things go when you type dimensions into the dimension box.

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I hadn’t thought so, but I apparently did.

This makes sense. I always drag the line first, being iPad and never think that the program might need more information to determine the direction when typing instead.

I guess I only subconsciously think of the axes like a coordinate system.