Object when copied to another file gets mirrored and reversed


After finally learning to do all drawing on Layer 0, I redrew a building that I’m going to model on my model railroad. It’s a Victorian corner bar with the interior attempting to depict Edward Hoper’s masterpiece, “Night Hawks”. It’s a reasonably complex drawing. I just tried uploading the SKP file, but it’s about 17 meg too big. So here’s the podium rendering.

Here’s a close up of the interior

Now’s here what happened when I copied the merged SKP file into an SKP of the entire model railroad that I’m creating just for fun.

It’s reversed. The entire building is backwards. When I looked into the SU image things were reversed, but also wrong. The turned stair inside is all wrong and in the wrong place. It was made up of a mixture of drawn and modified SU 3D Warehouse objects.

It’s a 21.4 mb SKP file and it’s being added to an already big file since all the buildings that are in this composite are big files also. Is this an artifact of not having a robust enough computer, or a SU glitch, or both? I’m running a MacBook Pro 2014 vintage laptop with 16 MB ram, SS main drive.

Also, how can I upload the SKP files so they can be correctly analyzed?


First, you could upload the file(s) to the 3D Warehouse and give the link(s)

The first thing I would be looking at is the axis orientation of the various components compared to the larger model’s axes.


I’ll do that. I suspected the axis problem too, but didn’t quite understand how to attack it.


I uploaded both images into the warehouse, but don’t know how to give you the address. One is “Night Hawks Cafe” and the other is “3D Model Railroad with Victorian-Style Structure”

I couldn’t upload the entire railroad SKP since it’s running at 71mb and exceeds the warehouse limit so I made another file with just the Night Hawks and the platform without the rest of the buildings.

Both are authored by Myles M

BTW: my MacPro is not able to shut off SketchIUp 2017 without doing a forced quit. This is becoming a common occurrence. Any thoughts?


I found both files. They both have the same orientation in the those files.I can’t see anything different between the two to use for comparison.

The geometry is very slightly off the group’s axes. Note that the model will come in to the large model with its axes aligned to the larger model’s axes.

I wonder if at some point the model accidentally got flipped its red axis before you got all the details in. I’m led to believe that might have happened for a couple of reasons. First, the reversal you report. Second, I converted the building to a component in your layout model. Then I changed the axes to align properly with the edges of the sidewalk. (You can’t change the axes in a group in the same way.) When I started to change the axes I got a warning that it could have serious impact on the component.

I think this is the way you want it oriented. Is that correct?

Assuming it is correct, here’s how I set up the axes for the component.

As for having to force quit SketchUp, I did a bit of searching and found some reports of Podium being the culprit. I don’t know why it was not letting SU quit for those users but you might see if disabling it changes the behavior you are seeing.


Dave, thanks for working on this! And on Christmas Eve yet…

I noticed that every time I loaded a component it was about 3 degrees off axis, but I didn’t know how to adjust the axes for the entire project. Changing it all to a component was the answer. Thanks! It made it difficult to place stuff and I was constantly trying to rotate those parts small amounts so they would align, and they were never perfect. Case in point, how the door frames nestled into the building’s walls. The axis shift happened early on.

I originally did this same building, but didn’t understand about the Layer 0 law and as a result kept losing stuff. I would build parts in the layers that I had identified, would hide them and when unhide was hit, they were gone. I lost a ton of artwork that way. All I had was the outer walls and even on that, I kept losing the inside wall surface. I decided to redo the entire thing from the ground up. I copied the dimensions from the original walls which were sitting next to the new building and when the new walls were all built, I erased the old one. Perhaps something shifted then.

I also learned to group objects immediately as soon as I draw the first surface. this made for a much more stable construction. All of this was learned by reading the forum posts. And yes, the new orientation is the correct one.

Have a great holiday season!


You have a great holiday, too.

One thing I would suggest is that you lean toward using components more instead of groups. Components provide a number of options and benefits that groups don’t.