When I Import Components They Load Sideways

New to sketchup - this is my first model. For some reason the components are loading sideways and its frustrating to constantly rotate and then try to get them level with the rest of the model. It seems like when I rotate they fall through the floor and I have to get the camera angle just right to correct. I just tried to upload the file .skp but it said its too big. Ill upload if I can figure that out.

It would be a big help to see your SKP file. Maybe you could upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

The common problem for new users is that they start their model on its side. Another common problem is having moved the axes. When you import a component, it will come in with its axes aligned with the model axes. The default orientation for the axes is with solid blue up, solid red running off to the right and solid green running back into the distance when the standard Front view is selected.

Hey! I am pretty sure youre right. IDK how I got it flipped but I thought it must be right because I am oriented with the horizon.

Here is the link

So I need to rotate the whole thing?

The horizon will be fixed and isn’t affected by the axis orientation. I’ll take a look. If the axes are misaligned, you can right click on one of them and choose Reset.

Yes. They are not only misaligned but also set a long way from their normal location.

After resetting, you can see where they are supposed to be.

Best practice is to keep the model close to the origin and generally it’s easiest if you leave the model aligned with the axes. Start at the origin and work back and to the right (between the solid red and green.

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Great! Its looking better now. I kept moving the axis to help with drawing shapes in certain areas so thats where I went wrong.

You rock. Thanks!

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