3d model became a line


Hello, while I was using sketchup at a certain point my 3d model became a single line and I don’t know what to do to recover it, also the sky seems upside down but I can’t reset the axes. Do you have some ideas?


How about sharing the SKP file so we can see what you’ve got?


I can’t upload it directly because it’s a 7.5 mb file.
This is what i get when I open sketchup


Right click on one of the axis lines and choose reset.

You can upload the file to Dropbox and share the file.


I tried to right click on the axes but it doesn’t appear anything


You have some objects of huge proportions in there. I’m working on a script to fix problem files like this, but its not of much help yet, here’s all I have:

minimum: -4.184682063528001e+22m (-41846820635280005922816.00m) in group/component .z
maximum: 4.162307141596204e+22m (41623071415962037125120.00m) in group/component .z


I’ve deleted some of those huge lines(objects?) and I have this:


The problem is that your model contains some gigantic edges that make it impossible for SketchUp to show a sensible view. Based on one of your components being named “Prove.dwg” I suspect that you imported a dwg file that contained these huge edges. I found 12 of them. @McGordon is evidently on the path to cleaning them up, so I’ll refrain.

On another note, this model does not use SketchUp layers correctly, again most likely because it was imported from CAD where layers have a different function. You have a very large number of edges or faces associated with other than Layer0. Since SketchUp layers don’t isolate geometry from interaction, this is almost sure to cause confusing issues.


It’s perfect now, thank you!
Thanks to all who replied this post


Glad you got it sorted while I was driving home from work.


You can use TIGs https://sketchucation.com/plugin/1496-tig_layerwatcher to keep an eye on this automatically…


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