"Lost" model, bent axes

I “lost” my model in the 3d space, I think by zooming in or out with 2 finger swipe on Mac without the pointer on the model, and got really “far out”. When I pointer drag to select near (0,0,0) I see a very small outline, but when I try to draw a seemingly small triangle nearby it says it is hundreds of thousands feet in both directions.

After messing around for more time than I had even put into the model, I eventually got to a view of the axes where they “bend”. Check out the uploaded screenshot. Did I reach the edge of sketchup outer space where everything starts turning back in on itself? Yayyyy…lightspeed. But I want my model back…I’m just going to start over

I wasn’t going to post this until I saw these very odd axes, then thought I must. When I try to draw now, rectangle, circle, or line, It just doesn’t show anything. I’m still drawing on Layer 0 and never even created another layer. I was able to hide/unhide the selected geometry near the axes 0 and even turned on “show hidden”. Entity info still claims there are several entities in the file. Not sure how to upload a model from sketchup free or if I even can?

Have you tried the display options?

Yep yep

Yes you can. Download it to your computer first:

SU Free Download

Then upload it to the forum by dragging it to where you type your reply or clicking the upload button:


Thanks McGordon. Unfortunately when I did that it is downloading to my computer as an unknown file type even though I specifically selected .skp format. When I try to open it from my computer it opens in text edit and I just see a lot of characters from multiple languages. When I try to upload I get an error message saying it is not a supported file type.

Here’s a preview of what I get when I open in text edit:

I guess SketchupFree is still very much in beta mode…???

I’ve noticed over the past few days that the SU logo in the top right corner says “mysketchup” and sometimes its just plain old “sketchup”

it is a binary .skp file and should look like that in a text editor…

add .skp to the filename if not already there and upload it…


unknown.skp (2.7 MB)

It does seem to be a confused file. Do Select All, Copy, New, Paste. You’ll get your toilet back.

That’s if you have a copy of SketchUp Make. I’ll think more about how to fix the Free version, but you could try the steps I gave, it might work for you, as it’s your account and you can open that model.

You have somehow placed an instance of the toilet component astronomically far from the SketchUp model origin, and this is causing the view camera to go crazy! There is also a very large rectangle and some very long or remote edges. After deleting these problematic objects and doing a zoom-extents, this is what is left:

unknown.skp (2.8 MB)

Edit: by the way, it’s worth thinking about whether that toilet model may be over-detailed for what you really need in the model. As you can see in my screenshot, where hidden edges are visible, it has a pretty dense mesh.

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