SketchUp 2014, my model and axes went invisible

:cry: sketchup 2014, my model and axes went invisible. the whole 3d models is no where to be found, i tried zooming in n out and reset axes,nothing happens, the layers are still there, but the model is invisible, pls can someone help me with this ? its my school work, i have one day left for submission _/_

Can you upload the Model so we can trouble shoot, much faster than guessing for us. Can you go view>axes makes sure it’s checked, can you see your axes now? if no then try zoom extents (magnifying glass with red arrows outward) to see everything, still nothing? Make sure all your layers are on and try view>hidden geometry. anything?

check View > Hidden Geometry
check View > Axes
check all Layers in Layer manager

As mentioned, all layers should be visible and have showing ‘Hidden Geometry’ on
If you have section planes in your model, disable section cuts.

Try 'Zoom Extents
If nothing hapens, delete all guides and try again.
If still nothing happens, upload/share the model here on the forum.

If you happen to see your model again, save a scene including camera location!

If you have Deletes all Guides, and all Layers are switched on, and View > Hidden Geometry is on, and View > Axes is switched on, but you can’t see them, and you don’t see any of the the model when you Zoom Extents, then it suggests that you have a rogue entity light-years away from the origin and the rest of the model…

Open Entity Info.
Edit > Select All
Entity Info should report all of the entities now selected in the model…
Note the number selected.
Does it look like the number you’d expect ?

Zoom Extents, now use the Line tool and pick a start point high in the sky - near the top of the screen - type [0,0,0] + enter.
A new line should now be seen ?
Select it and in Entity Info it’ll probably report a ridiculously long length.
That shows you that something has drifted off into outer-space.

Edit > Select All again and the number should have gone up by one == the new line.
Now activate the Select tool, hold down Shift and Ctrl and draw a large fence that includes the end of the new line, but not its start, the fence must be dragged top-left to bottom right so only entities wholly within the fence are included, and by using the modifier keys you will remove those from the selection.
Hopefully now Entity Info will report a much smaller number - the selection will include the new line and hopefully the stray objects.
Use Delete to erase them all - see *Note below.
Zoom Extents should now show the model again ?

If you want to discover what the stray objects are before erasing them, you could remove the new line from the selection and see if Entity Info says what they are…
Alternatively typing:
in the Ruby Console should list them for you…

If this doesn’t work then another possibility is that you have a component definition which contains an entity far from its origin - or an origin far away from its geometry [Model Info Component > Show Axes ? ] - if its icon in the Components Browser is blank this can be an indication - you can do a save_as on that wayward component, open and edit its SKP to correct issues and reload it ?

And if the above ideas don’t restore your model, please share it here either by uploading if less than 3MB or by putting it on a file sharing site and providing a link here. Several of us have good success analyzing and saving models with view issues such as you describe.

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