Components come in upside down

I have only just started using Sketch-up so forgive any dumb questions!

I have a crude model supplied by someone that I have had to clean up a lot. One of the silly things is that all components come in upside down. I have brought in my own and 3DW components and they all behave in this way so am am fairly sure it is the original model that I am editing that is at fault. It is as if the whole model ( a house) was drawn upside down

Before I work out how to pick everything up and turn it on it’s head can someone confirm that this is the most likely cause of what I am seeing?
And if anyone has any tips about flipping the whole model please let me know.

Thank you… liz

It sounds like the model you’re inserting the components into was constructed upside down. Most like you can simply select it all and rotate it 180°.

If you share the SKP file, we can provide you with more complete information.

Yes, that’s what it feels like. I will do a quick copy and test that. Can i select all and flip? does flip just turn through 180 degrees?

Thank you… liz

No. Flip will mirror the model. Rotate is the tool for the job if it was just modeled upside down.

Ok Thanks… I thought flip on blue and then green would do it but I’ll have a go with rotate.


Ok, fixed now I used rotate.


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