My model keeps flipping over when I use the Standard Views in 2019

I’ve been using SketchUp since seems like forever and never have had this happen before. AND I can’t seem to keep it from happening.
I set up scenes as I always do using either the Standard Views to get elevations, etc and set them to parallel projection. Save the scene. All good, right? NO!
When I click on the scene tab for o the elevation, the view is now upside down, essentially like it has be rotated 180 degrees.
I look at the axes and find that the blue direction is also flipped 180. So I use the axes tool and reset the axes with blue (positive) running up. Then I update the scene. Go back to the tab, click on it and El flippareno again. I’ve tried everything I know.
You guys have any insights? MODEL ATTACHED
This is particularly problematic when I use the scenes in Layout. Gotta rotate all the images!!!Model 2019.skp|attachment (2.0 MB)

You’ve created your model upside down. Rotate the model so it is right side up, correct the axis orientation and update the scenes. You’ve also got a number of faces that are reversed and need correcting.

Model rotated right side up, axis orientation reset, sky now on top where it belongs.

First reset the axes. Then rotate the model accordingly. Only then save/ update the scenes with axes included in the update.

Hi @DaveR, also around?

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Thanks so much…Dave responded as well. He says I created the model upside down.
I find this very interesting as all of the 3D perspective views work correctly. Only the 2D elevations and sections flip. When I use Align view to section cut, when I use the Position Camera to make an elevation, etc. Really weirds me out man??/%)(%$#@

I don’t know when you inverted the model axes but I assume you did it early enough that you followed them when modeling the house. If you are using a custom template you made, you might want to check it and make sure you haven’t screwed up the axes in the template. Otherwise you’re likely to do this again. You might also benefit from using a style that has sky and ground turned on so you can be sure that you have the model oriented correctly. You can always change the style when you have the model established and know it is correctly oriented.

I did check the template. It’s fine and correctly oriented. Hummmm.
So I did an experiment…corrected the axes so positive blue is up. Rotated the model 180 to align with the new setup.
The elevations work perfectly now. Just everything else is now upside down. in most other scenes
Do I have to keep re-orienting the model for every scene and updating them before this mess is straightened out of what?

You’ll need to adjust the camera and the axis orientation and update each scene. Might be easier to start over creating the scenes from scratch. There aren’t that many of them, after all.

Keep in mind, camera position (including whether it is right side up or upside down) and axis orientation are properties that are normally saved when a scene is created.

You could correct the axis orientation and update only that property for all of the scenes but you’ll need to update camera position for each scene one at a time.

On the bright side, at least your template isn’t screwed up. :slight_smile:

Not too good an idea now that it’s all been used in LayOut and the project is 100% done… That might be a significant nightmare over there. :cocktail: I’ll likely just be leaving well enough alone.
In almost 20 years, I’ve NEVER done this.
Thanks for your help.

Well, something to keep in mind for next time, then.

Evidently at some point you were modeling things right side up. There’s this 2D geometry that is oriented correctly.

You did manage to get your logo positioned right side up and at the orign when the axes were located correctly.

Actually, those were things that were done after the fact to be used in LayOut. The 2D drawing was actually flipped manually! What a hoot! I’ve tried to fix this with a copy of the file and it seems to be a never ending wormhole. Fix one issue, F up another.
I think I’ve tortured myself enough!!!

Too old for anymore of this. On the good side, the Cubs are beating the ■■■■ out of the Mariners!!!

You could at least put your logo in your template and then you could skip adding it to the models.

Go Cubbies.

I think you could use ThomThom’s Camera Tools extension to roll the elevations 180 degrees and have this project be modeled upside down for now.

If you rotate the building but keep a copy of a single group/component in the original location, e.g. by copying from an earlier save and use Paste in Place, My Eneroth Relative Camera can be used to move the scene cameras to match the new position, but its a manual process to be done on each scene.

Thanks eneroth3…I’ll look into that. I Thom THoms stuff