Reverse Views plugin?

Is there a plugin or a command I can execute to flip the views so that they show exactly the reverse of the standard views?

Are you trying to show the reversed views in LayOut or in SketchUp?

You really don’t need an extension to do it in either. In SketchUp you can use Flip Along and in LayOut, Flip.

Hi Dave,

I can’t use flip along or move the model as it’s geo located and also massive. I’m using sections and need to show the north and south elevations using the scenes, styles and layers. I just wanna flip the view exactly 180. Can Advanced Camera Tools could do that?

… Or I could use ‘align view’ to the active section of course, but I was wondering if there was a different way to get the exact opposite view.

No. Advanced Camera Tools wouldn’t be the solution. How about flipping the viewport’s in LayOut. That would mean you don’t need to do anything to the model.

It’s to show the north and south elevations of a large garden design, so each north and south side of the garden is different. Nice try though :stuck_out_tongue:

So you don’t want to flip it. You want to put the camera on the other side of the model and rotate it 180 degrees.

The standard views would do that if you are working with the default north/south orientation. Otherwise you can align the view to appropriate aligned faces placed, even temporarily, in the model space.

Yes I am oriented in the default north/south. How dost thou do it with the standard views? I get the feeling I’m being ever so slightly thick.

If you select the Front view in Camera>Standard Views you will be looking north at your model. If you choose the Back view, you’ll be looking south at the model. Of course the Right view will be looking west and the left view looking east.

Maybe not thick. Just a little wide. :slight_smile:

OH my word.

Where’s the site moderator. Please remove this thread. I don’t want to see it ever again.

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There’s even a View toolbar you can display that gives you quick access to those views. :wink:

Yes I have that always shown!

Sounds like you’re all set then.

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new brain needed

Feature request?

I was actually under the illusion that the views were oriented around the point 0,0,0 for some reason, and going to take the ‘view’ way off to a working part of the model which I didn’t want to do. It ahem slipped my mind that all it does is flip the current position. Does that makes sense?

Yes my model isn’t at 0,0,0

Yes. You make some sense. If you want to show only part of your model, select that part of the model and then select the appropriate standard view. Next, right click on the selection and choose Zoom Selection. Create a scene for that view and then repeat the process for the other views you need. I use Zoom Selection so often I set up a keyboard shortcut for it. In order to make it available in the Shortcuts list you need to have something selected in the model before opening Preferences>Shortcuts.

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