Is there a way to flip back the view?

Often I catch myself struggling using the Look Around option so I can turn back and see whats is behind me. I guess there was a command that would position the camera right behind me (in my back) when I press it…

Not a way to do it via keyboard shortcut. Sometimes I’ll place a reference line where I want to look before placing a camera. That way I can lock to either direction.

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Another option is to use a 2 sided arc to sort of look down the same way on your model but turning 180 ͦ around.
The arc can be created with the desired height. Also the mid vertex can be controled by pulling it up if the camera height and tilt angle need to be adjusted.

Yes good tip. I would second that and typically lift the line up to what the eye height should be…looking into the ground is less useful :wink:

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As “requested”:

I was referring to my video where I ‘cut’ into the ground with the camera placed at grade. But love your end result as well!

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could you record a video explaining? :pray:
I didnt get it…

Sorry, I can’t do a video. What is it you didn’t get?

I’ll try to explain in a few lines.

  • Use the ‘2 Point Arc’ tool. Set its number of segments to two sides.
  • click on the first target location (say blue shapes in first image)
  • click on the second target location (so on yellow shapes in first image, 180 ͦ around related to blue)
  • tap Up arrow key to next force a bulge in vertical direction and type the bulge height. The created vertex on the 2 side arc will be used to next drag the camera from, and towards the location you will look at (blue or yellow)

The ‘Position Camera’ tool can be applied towards a target by clicking on a location (top arc vertex) and while holding down the Left Mouse button dragging the camera cursor towards the target (blue or yellow) along one side of the arc or along the other side.