Position camera

Sorry to ask here but I’ve trawled through previous threads on this and not found an answer, therefore this. I watched Tyson tonight (in the UK) and he showed the use of position camera.

However I’ve tried this in 2017 and can’t get it to position exactly where I want. I’ve tried it in all the views and found perspective to be the best. This doesn’t give me what I want but Tyson said the camera is 5"6" above the landing point and having set the landing point that distance below the point where I want to view I get almost what I want. I have to use lines/guidelines from the point of view to get close, is there a way I can alter the height of the camera from the landing point or a better way to position the camera?

When you select the Position Camera tool you can immediately type the desired height from the selected landing point and press Enter. Then click at the landing point.


If you want precise heights, another way is to set the camera’s height and direction by “pulling a vector”.

Create a line that will serve as a height stick. Use the top vertice to snap and pull to a location the camera will point to. See the attached animated gif.


Note the height of the camera is equal to the height of the referenced line endpoint.

I hope this helps

Thanks guys. Don’t you ever sleep? Nearly 11pm here.