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I don’t find where to know or set a precise distance with the camera. Eye hirght is easy to enter but the exact position in distance seems not to appear in any window.


Here’s a simple camera plugin I’ve used for many years:

camera parameters SketchUp plugin by Bakbek — Ruby Library Depot


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hello,or without any plugin you can also use the “position camera” tool. Draw a reference point in your model (with given distance from subject) and use tool on the created point.


The icon is the circled one above


Thank you for your response. I have tried to open this extension but it gives me this file in .rb which seems to be open only with Textedit (I work on a Mac). So what can I do with it? I’m not used to plugin. Is the plugin still valid?


Thank you for the answer. I have to explore a bit more because I want to use a Two Point perspective exact from a specific point of view (distance and eye’s hight).


To install that plugin, just copy it to this folder:
~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp/Plugins
Where ~ is your home folder.

It is opening in Text Edit for you because you haven’t installed a programmer’s text editor like BBEdit and set it to open .rb Ruby source files.

It is an older plugin, but it seems to work. I didn’t test it much, so just give it a try.


With the position camera tool you can set the eye’s height before you click on the reference point, by entering it in the measurement box. You can then use the look around tool to aim to your subject without moving away from your reference point


Here, for example, I positionned my camera at the center, 60m away, with a eye height of 1,65m. you can change any of these parameters.


Here’s the how to install the plugin.

Installing Ruby Plugins — SketchUp Help


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