Question: how to consistently truck/move camera horizontally



Is there a way (in parallel projection view) to cleanly and consistently move the camera left and right across a distance as well as maintain the zoom?

My current set up includes a vertical line on the ground level at the start and end scenes, and then I use the Position Camera placed on top of the line. I switch between scenes to go from A to B. It’s okay, but it’s very primitive and takes longer than having a simple camera pan.

The hand tool is fine but not for this application because it can move up/down with inconsistency (unless I’m using it incorrectly).



Yes you can see that the camera eye height will change using the Pan Tool (Hand icon). To maintain camera eye height use the Look Around Tool (Eye icon). When you use the Position Camera Tool it automatically activates the Look Around Tool (with a 5’6" eye height) after choosing a position. This tool works more like a true Pan and Tilt Camera.

If you switch to the Walk Tool you can move the camera in any horizontal direction without changing the eye height.


Hi Dan,

Thanks for replying.

My goal is to track the camera left to right, rather than pan to change perspective at a fixed point. Because I’m using parallel projection view, SketchUp won’t let me use the Walk tool.

In regular 3D apps, I could simply change the X positioning of the camera to track/slide left or right.

Outside of locking the axis and moving everything in front of the camera, or using vertical lines with the Position Camera tool, is there any other way to move left/right in a restrictive manner?

There’s difficulty in top view simply rotating the camera without adjusting the Y/Z axis of the camera as well but that’s a separate issue.



Does it need to be 100% horizontal, or does “eyeballing” horizontally moving the camera count as well? For you can do this with say almost 99% accuracy with the ‘Pan’ tool and a guide on screen.

In say Front View and Parallel Projection mode looking at your model:
Drag a guide down from the red axis to where it “extends” a little horizontal line between the tool icons on the left of your screen.
When panning, make sure that this guide on screen still matches that little horizontal line between the icons.
You can look at the eye height (with 'Look Around) before and after panning and surprisingly it will keep its fixed height more often than not. Fast and simple.
The guide can be on a different layer that you could turn off at will.

Before panning

After panning


Can you elaborate on what it is you wish to do with the camera in ‘Top View’?

I think Jim Foltz made a rotate camera plugin ...

Rotate view (camera) by 90 degrees

The link FTR, is: Quick Camera Rotate 90 (Roll)

Not sure if it works in Top View Parallel Projection.

Ah okay. Got it now. Yes other users have brought this up in the past and asked for a way to lock eye height.

A plugin could do it, but the Pan tool should be modified to do this, say with a SHIFT modifier.


unfortunately, extensions don’t work in any of the SU Web versions…

Scenes are about the best option if you ‘really’ need PP trucking…



I would just like to rotate in top projection, like this in Cinema 4D:


In SketchUp it rotates in 3D space, which can display the top view incorrectly, so I’d have to update the model positioning to get a different view in top projection: